March 1 events by grade level: field trip, PreACT, ACT and community service

Tuesday, March 1 consists of many things, such as the ACT for juniors, a field trip for freshmen, pre-ACT for sophomores, and community service day for seniors. All students testing on campus that day are encouraged to bring a parent note for early dismissal.

Freshmen will be taking a field trip to either Tennessee College of Applied Technology or University of Tennessee. All attending students will eat lunch at Lakeshore Park, and have a walk through of their chosen school with 25 teachers chaperoning. UT is a good choice for CHS graduates because many of them will be able to attend the college full ride. TCAT is known as a Career and Technical Education school similar to a trade school. CTE schools integrate technological skills into students’ studies, which may be good for a student who is seeking further education beyond college.

Sophomores will be taking the Pre-ACT on paper. The Pre-Act closely mirrors the ACT and helps sophomores see if they are prepared for the ACT next year and identifies areas the student may need to focus on. They may face questions about material they don’t know yet, but it is an opportunity to practice. 

Juniors will be taking the ACT online. Students must arrive to school with fully charged chromebooks! The ACT is used to measure a high school student’s readiness for college. The ACT is a requirement for graduation, and it also helps with getting better scholarships and finding better class levels for students. Students can take the ACT multiple times and colleges will take their highest score overall. If a student is absent during the ACT, they can get a voucher to take the ACT during one of the national testing days. 

Seniors will be encouraged to use this time for community service hours, but also have the option to visit a college of their choice. There will be three locations provided which help support Central’s baseball, softball, or track programs by helping them prepare for spring sports. Track will be at Central’s stadium, while softball will be at Fountain City Ballpark and baseball will be at Tommy Schumpert Park.

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