Lady Bobcat Softball: Preseason

The Lady Bobcat softball season has a compelling season coming up early this March. They’ve been working hard in the off season and are ready to see how their hard work display in their games.

Softball team picture

The Lady Bobcats have a packed schedule this season with several challenging teams but they are not backing down. The team is feeling confident and is going into the season with their heads held up high. With their upcoming freshmen bringing the heat and upperclassmen prepared, they are ready to face this season.

Annah Neubert, Jordan Mayes, Shelby Miller, and

Central’s Softball coach, James Swaney, has a lot to say about the upcoming season and is just as ready as the team. Swaney, softball coach for eight years, has seen the highs and lows of the softball team. He’s ready to see them thrive. When asked about preseason, Swaney states “we started conditioning on October 18”. Since then the team has been working hard.

Senior, Emily Langley

Swaney has lots to say about his team as he talks about 3 of his outstanding players. Emily Langley, only senior on the team, a lead by example player and a 3 year varsity starter is the perfect example of a leader for the team. Shelby Miller, a sophomore, is a returning player with the highest batting average leading with 41 base hits which is quite impressive. Jayla Young is an upcoming freshman, with a powerful bat and strong defensive presence. These ladies are setting the bar high this year and believe they have a high chance of making it to districts.

With such an impressive team, behind the curtains they are a “close-knit family” and have good communication between one another. Overall they are a “set by example” team and believe they can succeed. This year could be a big game changer for the Central softball team, they believe this is their “breakout year”.

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