From Elementary to High School: Mrs. Burchett

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed disrupted everyone’s life, but for Mrs. Cheryl Burchett the pandemic gave her a new direction. Last year, she taught elementary schoolers due to a shortage in art teachers, but with a shift in decisions, she is back teaching high school.

Being an art teacher allows her to be creative and spontaneous as she enjoys making art based upon mixed media and found objects. When asked about other hobbies, she says “I also alter and sew a lot of my clothing. Sometimes piecing together several different garments into something more interesting.”

From first glance Mrs. Burchett may be perceived as a lackadaisical teacher who is according to her “ditzy” but she is just the opposite. On the other hand, she also embraces the fact that she is “all over the place.” In her world she has a million things bouncing around in her head all the time. 

“I am managing a lot and I am very detail oriented and I think I do an amazing job keeping everything going.”

When asked “what are your greatest stresses and what causes you the most anxiety in your life?” she says simply “I will always stress about if my lessons are clear and understandable and interesting…my students and their work are an extension of my work and I want them to get everything out of each lesson that they can.”

As can be seen, her passion, drive and heart allow her to stand out amongst what some would call a “regular art teacher”. Happiness is brought into every room she enters and her quirkiness makes her unique.

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