The Art of Kaitlyn

Creative, humorous, and kind: Kaitlyn is someone who expresses herself in a unique way: her artwork.

Kaitlyn grew up in Knoxville, but wishes to spread her wings and fly away to somewhere new. Despite growing up here, Kaitlyn would like to move to Florida and unwind on the beach. Kaitlyn has many good memories on the beach, like a time in 2021 when she ended up falling asleep on the beach after telling everyone she’d never ever fall asleep on the beach.

Kaitlyn is a pretty big fan of horror media. Some of her favorite books are the Fear Street books, which she has also seen the movie adaptation of. Her love for horror also affects her artwork. She draws popular horror characters such as Ghostface from the Scream movies. However, that is not the only thing she draws.

An example of Kaitlyn’s artwork

Kaitlyn doesn’t stick to one specific subject to draw, and she usually draws whatever she’s interested in or inspired by at the time. Kaitlyn plans on doing more with her creative mind, such as becoming a photographer in the future. Despite her seemingly shy and quiet exterior, Kaitlyn is a lot more than what she seems.

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