Haley Palmer – a Dancer with a Bright Future

Most people think Haley is just a kindhearted young woman with a bubbly personality. Though Haley is mostly smiles, she has more to her than that. The hardships she has faced throughout her life so far make her more than just a kind loving person, but an incredibly strong one.

Haley, sometimes called Hail, has been a member of the CHS Dance team for 3 years now. She grew up here in Knoxville and has plans to stay here and attend the University of Tennessee with a major in pediatric nursing.

One of her reasons for doing this is her late mother who passed not long ago. She says she wants to make her proud. This is also, coming from Haley, the reason she wakes up every morning with a small goal to slowly better herself everyday and do good by her mother. Haley, though facing hardships, remains a good person and a good friend, never leaving anyone out and always being honest and there for every person in her life. Nearing the end of her high school years, it’s not hard to tell Haley is going places.   

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