Maddie: The Extrovert

When Maddie grows up, she wants to be rich and married. She doesn’t really have a job plan set just yet, but she’s still thinking.

(Maddie in her cheer uniform)

Maddie likes to eat, watch movies and sleep in her free time. Her favorite movie is Finding Nemo, and her favorite food is mac and cheese. She has always lived in Knoxville, and has traveled to some pretty amazing places like the Bahamas and Orlando, Florida. 

Maddie’s favorite music artist is Nicki Minaj, and her favorite song by her is “Super Bass”. Her favorite brand is Nike, and she has a lot of Nike clothing and shoes in her closet. She usually keeps off stress by doing her homework later in the day, and sleeping. The most embarrassing thing as a student for Maddie is when she walks in late and everyone stares at her. Her favorite weekend activity is staying up late on the weekends and FaceTiming her friends.

Three main misconceptions about Maddie is that she’s bossy, stuck up and annoying. Her favorite childhood games are Just Dance and Mario Kart because she’s very competitive. Maddie would say she has stupid humor, because stupid jokes on TikTok make her laugh. Some of the best compliments Maddie has gotten were, “how did you get your face so clear?” and “how did you get so pretty?”

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