Imani the Ambivert

Introverted but outgoing: People know her to have a big heart. She loves to talk, but she keeps to herself at times.

Imani has a big heart and loves to help people. When she grows up, she wants to be child psychologist. But she also loves to bake cakes and cookies. She loves red velvet with vanilla icing. Her favorite food is pizza, especially cheese pizza.

In her free time, Imani loves to listen to music, watch movies and shop for clothes. Her favorite song is “dark red” by Steve Racy, her favorite movie is Princess and the Frog, and her favorite designer brand is Nike. She has a lot of Nike clothes and shoes. She keeps a healthy school/ life balance by doing her homework later in the day and just having her free time during the day after school. she also has one cat her name is Cleo its a Manx cat.

Imani loves to travel and likes to be in warm weather. She’s traveled to Orlando Florida “it’s beautiful there, the water, animals, and nature. The environment is welcoming and the weather is warm and it’s just a great place. Universal studios is the best part of orlando and i would love to go back”

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