Carmelina’s Life Story 

Carmelina loves to travel and listen to music. She’s been to North Carolina, but she didn’t like it so much. Her family moved to Tennessee and had way more fun since. She loves to listen to everything on the radio besides country, because she’s not the biggest fan of it. One of Carmelina’s favorite snacks is white cheddar popcorn – something she could eat all day and never stop until the point it gets to be too much. Another one of her favorite things to do is just hangout with her younger siblings and chill all day.

“Living in North Carolina wasn’t the best, there was nothing to do and I didn’t have many friends.”

Well, I could kinda see where she was coming from, because when I moved down to Georgia, most of my friends were in Tennessee, so it felt like a whole new life. When I started school, I was completely surrounded by new faces, and it was already looking like a hard year. Someone came up behind me, and we just starting chatting it up. I made a new friend that day.

“Even when trying to make new friends I got really nervous, and the people just acted weird, so I couldn’t bring myself to do it. But when my family got the idea to move to Tennessee, it was something new and I wanted to try it out. When we got here, it was quiet and busy at the same time. Many people looked friendly. I transferred to a new school and the kids didn’t seem so bad; I felt like it was perfect for me. I made a bunch of friends, and everyone was actually cool with me going to the mall, even hanging out with them.” Carmelina said.

But in conclusion when you move its not going to be the easiest thing making friends or adapting fast, because its kinda like new territory that you went in and you just gotta learn to just take your time and not rush things when it comes down to it.

“It was all fun until all my other friends went to different schools or moved, leaving me all alone to make new friends. I couldn’t find as many friends, because it felt like no one there was talkative. So that was that and know I’m a sophomore still trying to make friends in the near future.” Also what Carmelina said.

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