All about Andrew

Andrew loves to play video games, make art and write his own stories. He typically focuses on himself, family and friends.

Like many Central students, Andrew grew up in Knoxville; however, he Memphis, Tennessee for a while and eventually moved back to Knoxville. Overall, he favors Memphis more. Travelling seems like a big thing for him, he would love to travel to Japan during the spring and look at all the flowers. 

He is a huge fan of the Scream movies and his favorite character from the original Scream would be Tatum Riley. Overall, he is a really kind and caring person. If he was to ever win the lottery, he said he would give some to family and friends. Andrew is the type of person you could go to if you ever needed someone to talk to.

Andrew isn’t your typical friend. He is full of all sorts of surprises; I mean, would you have guessed that he wants to be a marine biologist? The reasoning behind it is because he loves sharks, specifically lemon sharks, and spinner sharks. Most people aren’t fans of sharks, but Andrew is. Not only that, but he enjoys writing his own stories. Continuing on with animals, he has a pitbull mix named Eli who’s 2. 

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