Insight on Heidi McGinnis

Just as you’d expect from any other teenager, Heidi McGinnis is quite a laid back person with a comical personality. She has many interests and is a genuine person. She’s someone you want to talk to again once you meet her. 

Heidi may seem quiet and reserved, but in reality it’s just her natural calm, relaxed self. When asked how she balances her social life with school, she simply says “lots of naps.” Most students would agree with this surefire strategy.

Her childhood was quite simple growing up. She’s lived here in Tennessee all her life, not much change surrounded her growing up. She maintains a healthy social life by hanging with her friends. She lives a pretty stress free life with no troubles.

As a high school freshman Heidi isn’t too worried and takes things one step at a time. She has learned to maintain her grades while remaining stress-free. Outside of her school life, Heidi really enjoys video games and things of that nature.

When asking her close friend, Heidi is described as timid yet has a humorous sense of humor once you become close. Heidi is also an honest person and will always keep it real with you but is never too brutal. Heidi also has a simple yet fashionable style that suits her, she’d pick to be comfy over anything any day of the week. Overall, Heidi is content with her life and wouldn’t have it any other way. Although she may be reserved, she enjoys her few close friends and companies, living a pretty favorable lifestyle.

Heidi with her best friend Ciara

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