The Real Milah Davidson

Who is Milah Davidson? Milah might appear to be an ordinary senior here at Central, but that is simply false. Unlike some of her peers, Milah wants to join the military and become an Air Force police officer.

 Peers of Milah know what it’s like to experience her kindness, but still the misconceptions of her being intimidating, mean, a push over, and lazy often attempt to dim her light. Nonetheless, her light continues to shine as she recounts the time when she received the best compliment saying “They liked my energy because I am outgoing”. Now to some, this comment can be seen as miniscule but to her this was another reason to keep being her. 

     Family is an essential factor for Milah, as her brother inspired her to consider the military as a career. Also, growing up with older brothers helped her prepare mentally for the possible scrutiny she may face being a woman in the military. The love of family is also a downside to her military path due to being away from them for extended time as well as the constant traveling herself.

Milah continues to break barriers as she identifies with being apart of the LGBTQ community as well as an advocate for Feminism. Her overall goal for her future is to be a strong, confident woman who travels the world and protects her country.

Read more at The Bobcat Times.

William Price

A Dirt Bike Through Adversity

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