William Price

William Price is native to Knoxville and Fountain City. Price loves the area and has grown up in it his whole life.

  William is most notably a pitcher for the Bobcats baseball team; he has high hopes for this season and hopes to bring a trophy to Fountain City. Outside of playing baseball, he also likes to collect baseball cards. His most valuable card is Mookie Bets rookie card. 

When William isn’t doing anything baseball related, he is most likely playing video games. His favorite games include Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Madden 22 and MLB the Show 21. William doesn’t play video games as much now, but as a kid he played games all the time.


Calling back to his childhood, William recounts many memories, including playing with legos and baseball games. William has always loved Cincinnati sports teams and has been a Cincinnati Reds fan since he can remember. At one Reds event, William’s favorite pitcher at the time complimented him and said that he has “potential,” which is a compliment he still holds to this day.  

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