A Dirt Bike Through Adversity

If you were to host or attend a birthday party at the Gatti’s Pizza location in Halls and you see someone brimming a store hat, you might be looking at Salathi O’Malley, nicknamed “Sal.”

Originally from Oak Ridge, Sal currently lives in east Knoxville and attends Central high school for his junior year. All three years of his high school education have been in different places, though. During his freshman year, Sal attended the L&N Stem Academy, and then transferred to Powell for his sophomore year. 

“STEM was definitely a challenge for me. I learned about my ADD that year though, which made it easier to deal with later down the line.” 

While talking to Sal, he told me that he had the best experience at Powell. “The experience is similar,” he said, “but I enjoyed it the most.”

One of the most important values to Sal is family. He has a good relationship with his dad, who’s helped him make some very memorable moments over the last several years. He says that his favorite memory was a dirt bike crash that happened years ago.

“I tried to pull the handbrake, but the bike didn’t slow down. It stopped really fast and I flew right over the handlebar into the ground.”

Throughout his high school career, ADD has been a huge obstacle. He says that medication has helped out the most, which is what he recommends for anyone struggling to get through school with it right now.

Sal is sure to be a great addition to our staff this semester in The Bobcat Times! Stay tuned for some of his work.

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