Outstanding Friend and Band Member – Emily Piedot

It would be hard to describe sophomore Emily Piedot with a single word. She plays the flute as a very committed member of the band, and this loyalty extends to her being a great friend to many of her peers.

Despite being more reserved than most, Emily has a large group of friends who adore her. She has known most of her friends since age 5, and they do activities together such as shopping and attending youth events at church. Megan and Ashley, close friends since elementary school, described her as extremely loyal and just an overall positive and happy person. They said she goes out of her way to be a real friend, doesn’t care about other people’s judgment, and always sees the good in people.

Along with being a great friend, Emily is committed to the band. Her decision to play the flute extends a family tradition as many of Emily’s family members also played the instrument in their high school band. A band member since sixth grade, Emily says, “you get a community from the band, even though you’re not always with the band, the people in it are always people you can go to when you need help, and I feel like most bands aren’t like that.”

Emily vividly remembers her favorite band experience: when they were at a competition one weekend. They originally planned on playing outside, but plans were changed due to the rain. Despite the nerves from the change plans, the band did amazing and received a standing ovation from the large crowd. Emily claims that time management while being in band is difficult, so she allows herself to have breaks and time to herself, making things easier to manage.

Emily poses with fellow band members and Santa Claus at a football game.

Beyond band, Emily’s love of music also extends to her favorite artist: Harry Styles. She has attended two Harry Styles concerts with her close friend Megan. They were clearly very exciting experiences for Emily that she will always remember. Emily said that while she was at the concerts, she loved how Harry interacted with the crowd as well as how the crowd interacted with each other.

Outside of school, Emily has several other hobbies like baking, reading, and watching TV. She also plans to attend a field trip to France this summer with French class, which is something she is very excited about. In the future, Emily plans to attend a local college in hopes of studying in writing or psychology.

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