Dancing into the Future; Aylee Suarez

When it comes to the future, Aylee Suarez is dancing her way into new experiences. From hanging out with friends to being involved with church groups, Aylee has a bubbly personality, making her a great friend and influence. 

Aylee during the 2021-2022 football season.

For the last five years, Aylee danced for both Gresham Middle School and Central High School, which has allowed her to meet tons of new people and become who she is today. The hardest thing about being a dancer to Aylee is learning and improving upon new skills, such as becoming more flexible. Learning these skills takes time and perseverance, which can oftentimes be difficult. 

Friday night football games are always a favorite for Aylee, especially when the Bobcats score a touchdown, because of the atmosphere that is created. Everyone is celebrating, and there is a feeling of togetherness as well as excitement. Her favorite memories are always made during football season when she and her team are dancing for the crowds. Her favorite memory this year was at West High School; the Bobcats were losing the game substantially as it was raining, but because of that, there was less pressure on the dance team, and they were able to mess around as they enjoyed one of their last games together this past season.

Aylee’s favorite hobbies outside of dance are reading, watching TV and hanging out with friends. She and her friends enjoy going out to eat together and taking pictures. Alone and with her friends, Aylee likes to go shopping at stores like Target, Bath and Body Works, and Aerie. Her favorite books and movies are the Hunger Games trilogy, her favorite artist is Carrie Underwood and she loves Italian food. 

She is active in Cokesbury United Methodist Church as well as Central Young Life here in Fountain City. Oftentimes, she and her small group from Young Life get together to talk about their devotionals and spend time together. In the summer and fall, Young Life hosts camps that allow them to get away from home in order to have fun, community and growth in their faith. 

Aylee and her friends at a fall Young Life camp.

Those in Aylee’s life have a huge influence on her, and she mentioned that the best compliment that she has ever received was when her eight grade English teacher Mrs. Bell said that she was smart, but that she also had common sense. That moment has greatly influenced her, along with all the teachers she’s had in the past. Aylee said that her greatest influence has been past teachers as well as those like her family and friends who she spends most of her time with. 

Spending time with those that she loves and is close with is one of Aylee’s favorite things to do, and it keeps her grounded. She lives by the idea that no matter what happens, she needs to keep herself focused and put her best effort into everything she does. She is preparing herself for her future and is dancing her way into it. 

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