Video Gamer TokyoGhost-Grim is Online

Why would playing video games make someone feel so happy? Is it the rushing adrenaline when you’re close to winning? The new missions and quests to do? Connecting with different people and sharing a hobby together? To Eugene Brown It’s all of them. That’s what makes it his happy place.

Eugene grew up in Tennessee but has moved around here and there. He went on vacation to Georgia to try something new but came back. When he grows up he intends to move to Georgia and live there.

He is a funny person, has a nice personality, and is a laid-back person. He recently just started to watch Bleach and really enjoys watching Attack on Titan. A person who is easy to talk to.

He does enjoy other things such as; anime, listening to music, or sleeping. He tends to listen to R&B like Rod wave, given, MJ, and Shilooh Dynasty. When it comes to school he doesn’t really stress it because he’s “just vibing.”

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