Estella Cruze: How Central High Band impacted her high school experience

Quentin Tarantino isn’t the only star to come out of Knoxville — esteemed band member Estella Cruze is very active in her high school band as a flute player. She’s currently in her last year at central high and reflects back on her previous years as a band member, “When thinking about being in band all this time i look at it with nothing but love,” Estella said. 

Estella poses with fellow Central flute players at an away game.

When asked, Estella said she takes musical inspiration from the band Bright Eyes, “they have such meaningful, beautiful art and I would like to make art like that,” alluding to her future as a musician and an artist. She also mentions David Bowie, “I really have always loved music and David Bowie has actually been my biggest inspiration,” Estella tells us, giving an insight into her true inspiration for music and art. When elaborating on her love of Bowie she says, “he was truly himself and didn’t care about what anyone thought, and was so talented while doing so,” which I think we can all agree is a favorable trait.

For Estella, band is full of opportunities to grow and move further on into the future of her education. With her interests in music, art, and a handful of social issues, she’s destined to make her mark. Estella grew up here in Knoxville, surrounded by loving family and friends. While she wishes she had moved around a little more, as she loves change, she’s pretty happy here in the city of marble. 

Estella walking with her family for senior pictures

Band has changed the way she viewed music, “I grew into the person I was meant to be while simultaneously evolving in my music career,” she says, giving us a look into what growing into your music might look like. Band hasn’t only opened up new career paths for her, but also new friendships and relationships. About her overall experience she says “it’s been fun, it’s taken up a lot of time but there’s lots of people who are there for me and that’s always nice.” When asked about how band has influenced her relationships she says, “when making plans i just have to keep in mind what days i have after-school practice,” which not only shows how she prioritizes her music, but also how responsible she’s learned to be. “I’ve actually met a lot of cool people while being in band. I’ve made a lot of friends doing what I love,” she tells us, giving us insight into the various upsides of being a Central High band member.

Band requires a lot of dedication, whether it comes to after-school practice, competitions, or staying late in order to improve. While it takes up a lot of her time, she knows it’s worth it because, “it’s worth it to develop a skill and for college,” which demonstrates the possibilities being a band member opens up for participants.

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