Welcome to the Family: Central Dance Team’s Freshman

Central has a way of capturing students’ hearts. From Friday night football games to early morning pep rallies, bobcat students quickly learn to love it here. 

The dance team is one of Central’s shining stars as they work hard both in and out of uniform. With endless hours of community service, practice, and team bonding the girls have quickly become a close-knit group. This year two freshmen, Eva Meadows and Sophia Griffeth have joined their family.

Sophia and Eva with Blakely Johnson, Kate Redd, Ella Riehl, Ayla Suarez, & Amani Wilson

Both girls have had a long history of involvement with dance. Growing up dancing led Eva to want to step out of her comfort zone and try something new. Years of gymnastics built up to a switch to dance, where Sophia found her true passion. Both had their desire to continue their love of dance in high school which made them try out for the team. Both girls are extremely determined and willing to put in hours of work.

Left to Right: Sophia Griffeth & Eva Meadows, at the Pink Out football game

Eva joined with the intention to be more involved with her school community, as did Sophia. “It’s one thing to go here and another to be a part of a team,” said Sophia. Neither girl has doubted their decision to join the team. Their new teammates have quickly become closer to sisters instead of students.

By joining a school team, they have continued to learn outside of the classroom. Voicing honest opinions has taught the girls self-respect and taught them the value of their words. Seeing the hard work being put in by students and staff has given them a greater perspective of the school’s morals.

The Dance Team’s coach Shelia Dixon is overwhelmingly loved by both Eva and Sophia. That feeling is mutual, as Ms. Dixon speaks highly of the two girls. “They came into tryouts and immediately raised the bar, we were all impressed,” said Ms. Dixon. Her compliments don’t end there, however; she praises their kind personalities and ability to work well under pressure. Excited to see them grow, she can’t wait for these girls to be seniors and lead the team.

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