Mrs. Milsap After Hours


Mrs. Milsap, the momma of Central High; is a loving, kind, funny, and tender-hearted person. Students may see life for her during school but not the life after school and on weekends. 

If you don’t know Mrs.Milsap you should because she is an amazing person. From her corny jokes, to her crazy laughs, and heart of giving. 

When arriving at school she tries to give off positive vibes to others. Uplift the youth with her Positive Mental Attitude or also known as her PMA . 

The types of hobbies she enjoys after school mainly consist of mountain biking, seeing live music, and crafts. When asked what she likes to do besides these thing she simply stated, ¨I love working on my Dodge Promaster Van, named Scarlet, #VanLife¨ Mrs.Milsap said.  


Crafting is one of her main things that makes who she is. She loves jewelry making, sewing, and crocheting. One of specialties are crochet hats and drink holders.

On weekends you might catch Mrs.Milsap at a concert or two, maybe even 125 times. ¨I’ve seen the band The String Cheese Incident 125 times¨ Mrs.Milsap said. Students can say this is one of her favorite bands

Mrs.Milsap also loves filling her weekends with family and friends. ¨I like to keep my weekends very active and always busy¨ Mrs.Milsap said. Keeping her busy may also include traveling. Traveling is one major key to Mrs.Milsap. She has been to Jamaica to see ¨The String Cheese I Incident¨ once and loved it. She also loves traveling in her infinite van to go sight seeing and watch live music.

Crafts and Friends

She has been teaching for many years. ¨I wanted to influence and inspire future generations. I love to cook because I love to nourish my body with healthy foods.¨  she stated. Like many people she also had someone inspire her. ¨Jani Chollman¨- her high-school science teacher inspired her because ¨She was real and treated me like an adult.¨ 

When asked what she wanted people to know she stated, ¨ I’m plant based, I care a lot about the environment, and people call me Momma Milsap because I’m everyone’s momma¨.  

Mrs.Milsap having fun!!

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