Central vs. West

This Friday, October 29, the Bobcats take on West with an away game. This is a big game as the Bobcats’ last game in district. Winning this Friday’s game will look good for them as the playoffs approaches next month.

The Bobcats need to play with great effort and energy this Friday. The Rebels always play very tough and are competitive this season. With a 7-2 record West is placed first in the 5A District. A good and organized game plan defensively and offensively will be productive for the Bobcats.

“Defensively we need to run to the ball and tackle well, to not give up any big plays. Offensively we need to establish a dominant run game and make big plays in the passing games that open up when we run successfully” Coach Nick Craney said.

As far as players, the OL as a whole group, including running backs Shannon Mills and Frank Johnson, need to have a big game. With them having a big game 3 weeks ago against South Doyle on October 8.

“Defensively there are a lot of great players that hopefully will all make plays,” said Craney. Craney stated that Joey Ferguson, GJ White and Andrew Cooper all need to have a big game as cornerbacks to be able to have a complete defense.

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