Who Cheers On the Cheerleaders?

Central High School students aren’t shy when it comes to cheering on the Bobcats. Often led by the cheer team, the students proudly fill student the stands at football and basketball games. However, it isn’t just Red and Black in the cheer-box, it’s everywhere.

From friends to strangers, a lively student section always boosts a game. Seeing “Baby” Bobcats in the crowd keeps the girls grinning ear-to-ear, knowing they have people looking up to them. After a long night of cheering, seeing friends and family flood the field makes their hard work worth it. 

With all of the fun that comes with being on the team, there is also a lot of hard work and discipline. With a grueling schedule in and out of uniform, the girls put in a lot of work, so having the support of the CHS staff is always a great boost on a hard day.

Support comes in many forms, none of which go unnoticed. It’s all around us, from the people we look up to, to the people who have encouraged them since day one. Many of the girls on the cheer team find support through the student body. 

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