Spooky Season

Halloween slowly creeps around the corner and everyone’s  so excited. There are many different festivities to do. Carving pumpkins, haunted houses, dressing up. Since Halloween wasn’t the same last year, people are ready to make up for it.

Carving pumpkins remains ever popular. People started carving them back in the 1800’s and ever since then it has stuck. However, a more modern twist on the trend emerged with painting pumpkins instead of carving. When asked, most people say they prefer carving instead of painting. They say they like getting messy with the more hands-on approach.

For most, Halloween means one thing: candy.. Trick-or-treating is an American culture that started in about 1951. 

While trick or treating you get so much candy. When asked what is your favorite candy most people said anything to do with chocolate. While that one was very popular, Skittles is not too far behind. 

Another big thing people do on Halloween is dressing up. Whether that be kids doing it for trick or treating or adults going to Halloween parties. When high schoolers are asked if they are dressing up this year it is right down the middle. Either people are just staying home giving out candy or watching movies, others are doing group costumes with their friends for significant others.

The people who stay inside and watch movies usually stick to scary movies. While others like cute and funny ones. The most popular movies are Hocus Pocus, Ghost Busters, or Halloween.

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