SGA plans to build on past success

Newly elected student body president Ella Blair wants students to know all are welcome it is a great way to get involved! Student Government meets every Monday after school from 3:45-4:15 in Mrs. Searcy’s room 214. Newly elected student body president Ella Blair wants students to know all are welcome.

English teachers Mrs. Searcy and Ms. Toll sponsor the Student Government Association, an organization all about the students being involved in planning events and making positive change around the school.  During meetings, they plan events, community things, dances, talk over and resolve issues.

Ella Blair leading SGA meeting

In meetings, the different positions in SGA do different things during meetings. The Student Body President leads the meeting and discussion, the secretary takes notes during meetings to get ideas through, and the class presidents/representatives advocate for others within their grade level. They encourage students to voice their opinions and join in on discussion.

Ella says her favorite part of SGA is seeing everything behind the scenes. “Meeting other people that are also passionate about making Central an even better place to go to school is such a good feeling.” Ella’s hard work really just shows how much she cares about making our school a better and more functional place. She says seeing what the events they plan means so much. “I’ll never forget how it felt looking at the what seemed like hundreds of people that came to our community movie night last year,” she said.

movie night planned by SGA

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