Reflections and Advice from the class of ’22

Some of the students who are a part of the class of 2022 are all feeling a little bit differently about graduating this year!

Evan Mobley

As the year is going, Evan has had some time to reflect on his time spent at Central High School. His favorite year has been his senior year, but he has enjoyed every year other than freshman year. He has been involved in ROTC and hopes to be involved in basketball this year when the season starts. His favorite class so far would be the finance class. Some advice he offers to the underclassmen and incoming high school students, “I would tell them to get all of their work done even though it sucks. You gotta pass classes and get those credits.” Evan said he loved high school, he gave it an eleven out of ten, he just hated doing the work. Evan’s favorite teacher is Mr. Hurst. Evan says that Mr. Hurst is very helpful and he could always count on him if he needed someone. As graduation is getting closer, a lot of people may not know what they want to do after high school, but Evan knows exactly what he wants to do. Evan would like to be an athletic trainer.

Milah Davidson

As she’s had time to reflect and look back at all her years, she’s come to the conclusion that, so far, senior year has been Milah’s favorite. Her favorite class has been chorus, sophomore year with Mr. Parks, who no longer teaches here. Milah said she loved Mr. Parks and she also met a really good friend in that class. Milah left this piece of advice for anyone willing to take it, “Do your work I can’t stress that enough. Just stay caught up and it will save you so much stress.” Milah gave high school an overall seven out of ten. One of her favorite teachers has been Mr. Myers. Milah said that he has always helped her when nobody else would. A lot of people have no idea what they would like to do in their life, but Milah definitely knows. She wants to help make a difference in the world and attempt to make it a better place. She is going into the air force, “I wanna serve our country and make a difference.”

Sadie Maxey

Sadie has come to think of sophomore year as her favorite year out of all four. Sadie was very involved in her school community the past four years. Her freshman year, she participated in the soccer and basketball team, and also participated in the ASL (American Sign Language) club. Moving onto her sophomore and junior years where she participated in the soccer team, the ASL club, theater, Bobcat Company, and National Honors Society. And this year for her senior year, so far she is involved in The National Honors Society, National Art Honors Society, Theater, ASL club, but she hopes to be involved in more as the year goes on. Out of all of her classes she has taken so far, she says that Mrs. Milsap’s Intro to Human Studies class has to be her favorite. Sadie says, “You learn so much of a feeling of home life and Milsap does amazing at that!” She also says she loved Mrs. Lawson’s ASL class. She says, “It was difficult to comprehend but super fun!” She says something she wished someone would have told her before high school is, “Make high school fun- finish your homework so you can hang out with your friends, take care of yourself, join tons of clubs, but most of us do it responsibly and reasonably.” She gave high school an overall nine out of ten, ” I’m proud of myself and I’m excited for the future-of course very nervous too.” She said she loved all of her teachers, but did not want to pick a favorite, “Well, that’s like asking your favorite child so..? Of course there is an answer.” Sadie plans to go to SCAD in Savannah, Georgia. She aspires to be one of the next top fashion designers.

Jenna Smiddy

Jenna says that as she’s looked back at the years, so far she’s really enjoyed her senior year. She said she loved taking French as her foreign language, “It was fun learning about their culture.” Her advice to any underclassmen, or anyone willing to take it would be, “Don’t be upset when you’re friends aren’t your friends anymore, people grow and change and most the time you’re better without them, you’ll find way better friends anyways.” Overall, she rated high school a five out of ten, “My dad passed away my sophomore year and I feel like that set me back a lot in high school.” She has two favorite teachers, Mr. Pacifico “because he tells you how it is if you like it or not, which is a good thing because you need that in the real world.” and Mrs. Mashburn “Because she always treated me as if I was her daughter, she never had a bad thing to say about anything or anyone. She’s always happy and we need more people like her.” Some people may not know what they would like to do after high school but Jenna sure does! She would like to go to college to be an elementary school teacher!

Trinity Sankey

Trinity says of her favorite high school year, “A mix of the end of junior year and the beginning of senior year.” Trinity danced on the Central High dance team for three years, since her sophomore year. Her favorite class that she has taken so far has been Journalism, “Because Mrs. Turner is amazing and the class itself was really fun!” If anyone is willing to take her advice it would be, “Have fun in high school and don’t stress out about what you want to do in college when you don’t need to at that moment!” Overall, Trinity gave high school an eight out of ten, “It was fun but there was some low points for sure!” Her favorite staff member is Mrs. Shelia in the front office, “She is the dance team coach and someone that I know I can always go to if I need too!” However, her favorite teacher is Mrs. Lawson, “Because she is really fun to be around and always has a positive attitude!” Trinity is not exactly sure what she wants to do after high school, but she will start with college. She thinks she wants to do something with teaching or journalism!

Darcy Privette

As Darcy looks back over her time at Central, her favorite years have been her junior and senior years. Recently, Darcy has joined the Central tennis team and so far she’s loving it! Out of all of the classes she has taken while here at Central she says her favorite class has been American Sign Language taught by Mrs. Lawson, “The environment was great!” Her advice to anyone willing to take it would be, “ASK questions! Don’t be afraid to speak up, even if you think your questions might be ‘stupid’.” Overall, Darcy gives her high school experience an hones nine out of ten, “These years have been the best of my life so far.” She said her favorite teacher would have to be Mrs. Milsap, “She has a homey feel about her and her classes are always fun and easy to follow!” Darcy is not exactly sure what’s next for her, “After I graduate I want to go to college. I’m not 100% sure on what I specifically want to do.”

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