Central’s Volleyball

The Central volleyball team is a very competitive team. Varsity’s star players are Clarke Durant and Zoe Carithers. Clarke is a middle player and Zoe is an outside hitter. They had a game last night and junior varsity won.

Volleyball tends to attract fierce competitors. The basics of the game include a player hitting the ball to the other side of the net and if the players on that other team don’t hit the ball and it touches the ground while inside their line, then the hitting team gets the point. If the ball is out of the line, the other team gets a point. If a player touches the ball while it’s still in and it still falls, the other team gets a point. 

Central’s volleyball team usually plays three matches a week. The extra two days are practicing. They have 14 girls in the JV team and 13 in the Varsity team. There are 3 girls in the front and 3 girls at the back.

Two Central Varsity girls

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