Central vs. Carter Volleyball Game

Two volleyball teams playing against each other. Who will win? Both teams are good at volleyball so it is unpredictable. People are very excited.

On Tuesday, September 28 Central High School’s volleyball team played against Carter High School. Everybody was ready for this game. People sat and watched as the teams talked about their plan. Once the time was out, they had to get into positions. 

JV team

Carter’s team thought that they could beat Central’s team. They were quite wrong… In total, they had two sets. If Central lost one of those sets, Carter would have one more chance to beat Central with a third set but they didn’t get to the third set at all. Central won both sets with the score of 25 – 15 for the first set of JV.

Delaney Collins, JV (&vars), #11
Middle Elizabeth Oaks, JV (& vars), #19, Setter

The Second set was a very high score too. Central scored 25 points and Carter scored 11 points. They were very focused and the audience was cheering and clapping for Central. Varsity also won both sets. Central’s Varsity team got 25 points and Carter’s Varsity team got 23 points. The second set for Central’s Varsity team was 25 points and Carter’s was 17 points. Central won both sets and they didn’t have to play a third one. It was final.

Morgan(Varsity #5) Setter

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