Check out Ronnivea’s small business!

Owning a small business isn’t for everyone; however, anyone can support young entrepreneurs like Central junior Ronnivea Wilson. Her small business operates primarily on Instagram. Her account “lipwithlashes” is a cosmetic business selling lip gloss and false eyelashes.

When the rest of the world was going into a pandemic and shutting down, Ronnivea was starting up a new business that sells cosmetic products, but in specific she sells lipgloss and lashes. Ronnivea says that she chose this topic for her business because it’s inspiring for her, since she loves to do makeup and it’s a lovely way to express yourself!

Currently the lip gloss costs $4 and the lashes cost $5. Ronnivea is developing a good system for selling the products; as of now, she has a system where the customer can dm her on Instagram with the details of what they would want, or they could text her with personal contact information considering it’s provided in the account.

Inspired by her parents, Ronnivea’s business mainly started because of how she was around others who also had businesess which is that her father owned a food truck. She was always encouraged to have her business considering her parents want her to be successful,  and to try and proceed and get good goals from it. right now her goal is to spread her buisness as much as possible.

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