All about Kyra Holton and what you do or don´t know.

Kyra in her volleyball uniform

Kyra Holton plays volleyball for the school’s team but that’s not the only sport she’s played. Kyra has done gymnastics , cheer, dance , softball , soccer , and basketball too. She loves being active if you couldn’t tell from just that.

Kyra would much rather go out and do stuff than sit at home all day. She helps out at her church Cedar Lane United Methodist . Kyra loves helping others, she believes in equality and human rights for everyone .Kyra or sha ́quira nicknamed by her friends grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee she’s lived in the same house her whole life , she also has two siblings . Kyra also loves one Direction , her favorite member is Louis Tomlinson. Kyra´s love for sports does come to a halt at times due to her Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (aka pots). This has affected her during games and just in overall life, she says ¨i do what i gotta do and get it done , i don´t have time to stress about what happens.¨

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