Central High School Girl’s Soccer Team Update

The Central High School girl’s soccer team has currently been up against South Doyle.

The games they have played have been quite controlled and consisted of the team winning. The South Doyle game ended by a double overtime with some penalty kicks the last time they played.

Games that have recently been played look good and they know what they are doing. The team seems to be working hard to win but they still have more games to go so we need to encourage them and cheer them on. They aren’t just focused on soccer they are focused on school classes as well such as geometry, science, English and history.

The soccer team don’t really consider themselves a team, because they see themselves as more of a family, players start to grow close and practice with one another. The soccer players have surely gotten closer over the years or weeks as they win and lose together. The coach encourages and pushes them on. To some the coach could be described as the glue; if there’s no coach to tell the plays then the team will get out on the field and not know what to do, they would be lost.

Soccer players work and play while the sun shines and rain pours because even on cloudy days, there’s still things that need to be done. Most people probably wouldn’t get out and go play soccer while the rain is pouring and the sun is beating down on them.

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