Tennis, a sport for all at Central High School!

Tennis is a great after school activity during the spring semester, and with a coach like Joe Walsh, any student can learn to play like a pro. Tennis lasts from February through May and students can practice all year round. Contact Coach Walsh through the office or via email to ask about details on joining the team.

Joe Walsh began coaching the girls and boys tennis team in 2018, and he believes that through hard work and training students can accomplish anything they put their mind to. Even during the fall semester, Coach Walsh tries to stay available throughout the year to help players and potential team players train and prepare for the spring season. Central’s campus boasts two tennis courts behind the football stadium the team uses for training.

Cake for Seniors after Season!

In order for the tennis team to compete, they must maintain six boys and six girls each on roster. The matches the boys and girls play include six singles and three doubles. Although all students play on the same team, boys and girls scores throughout the year are totally separate, each scoring individually and working separately. 

Coach Walsh says, “I feel that the more practice a player gets the better they will be.  I emphasize in our practices correct form in hitting the tennis ball.  It is easy to establish bad habits in playing tennis and this impacts on how well you can play.” Coach Walsh cares about his players and the way they perform on the court. 

“Central Tennis Teams Practice”

Currently, Coach Walsh is looking for new players as he currently has only 4 girls and 4 boys that are returning from last season to play again this year. Coach Joe Walsh prefers players with some experience playing tennis, but this is not a requirement to try out for the team.

Coach Walsh keeps a simple goal of making sure that his players enjoy the experience of playing tennis as a time well spent! He knows that high school students carry a lot on their plate so he does not expect them to focus on tennis and nothing else. He is flexible when it comes to attending practice, but when they start playing matches in the spring, he expects players to give their best efforts. Become a Bobcat today and join the team! 

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