Spinning Through Obstacles

Cicrra, Brooklyn, and Avenlea

Since the start of football season, Central High Colorguard has faced many obstacles on and off the field. Despite these challenges, these girls will not give up!

Colorguard is the spotlight of halftime! Most of the girls would say it took hard work, dedication, and focus; others would say it took blood, sweat, and tears.

Since the start of the season Colorguard has preformed once, due to COVID19. Their very first performance, the girls gave it a 8 out of 10. Despite only preforming once, they work just as hard at practice, learning rep by rep.

Hamoney, Gabi, and River

These girls deserve more recognition like any other sport. Many people don’t know the capability of being a Guard member, what it takes, or what it means to them. Members on the team each defined different meanings of what colorguard means.  

Avenlea Alford the captain explained why she loves to spin. “I love it, because it gives me the ability to express my emotions,” she stated.  Avenlea faces many challenges as well, considering she is the only captain at the moment. “It’s hard transitioning to a leadership position; it’s hard learning to communicate.” she said. 

Brooklyn Grant, the senior on the team, thinks more young girls and boys should join the team to create new experiences. “It’s a fun way to make new friends, everyone is like family.”  she stated. Considering this is Brooklyn’s last year she wants to make the most of practices and performances. This is really hard for her because of the constant growth in COVID19.

These girls may face obstacles on and off the field, but they always seem to balance it out in the end. You can catch them this Friday performing, “The Balancing Act” during halftime. 

So next time you see them be sure to let them know they got this!  

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