Redd, Black & White: Representing Central

Senior year can be bittersweet with lots of work and even more fun. After three years worth of experiences to think about and one more to make memories, from Fridays by the field, to AP classes, Kate Redd stays busy.

Between balancing social life and school, Kate chose to represent the Central High School Dance Team by running for Homecoming Royalty this year. Kate said, “I love Central and it would be an honor to represent this school.” Her teammates agree and fully backed her in the campaign. Kate is sad to leave the amazing friends who have supported her for the past four years.

Kate found out about the CHSDT in eighth grade and decided to join her freshman year. She’s spent the past four years with Ms. Dixon as her coach and sees her as a role model. She says Ms. Dixon is an amazing coach and thanks her for all she’s taught her, saying, “I love her to death.”

Kate with her teammate, cleaning up trash after a home football game

Although her senior year is flying by, only recently it’s started to feel like her time at Central is running out. Hearing teachers talk about college is starting to feel more and more real. Therefore, before stressful responsibilities pile on, Kate decided to make her last year the best one yet.

Now that her time at Central is coming to a close, Kate can look back on her opportunities over the last four years with pride. Through the dance team, advanced classes, and facing a pandemic she’s developed leadership skills and grown socially. One piece of advice Kate would give to anyone at Central would be, “Never slack and never be afraid to talk to someone, whether it’s a student or staff member.

Kate with her teammates, freshman: Sophia Griffith & Eva Meadows

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