NAHS: A place for creative minds

For anyone with a knack for being creative and something cool on their college resume, the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is the right place.


NAHS is an advanced national art program in American schools that allows students with creative capability to take it up a notch. With opportunities at scholarships, national recognition, school art displays, and connections to thousands of other students, schools, and programs, NAHS is the perfect place for aspiring young artists.

Central´s NAHS meets monthly, and the next meeting is on Oct. 6 after school from 3:30 to 4:30 PM in room 224. Anyone with a passion for art is welcome to apply and join. The only requirements are participation hours, meeting attendance, and an annual $30 fee for t-shirts, sign-up costs, and materials. As long as students show up and commit to at least 15 hours of service for the year, their membership will stay intact.

This year´s NAHS is sponsored by CHS´s fun-loving art teachers Mrs. Burchett and Ms. Bendy. Their faces light up every time they talk about their plans for NAHS this year, and they encourage anyone thinking about it to stop by the art department in rooms 224 and 225.

Mrs. Burchett (left) and Ms. Bendy (right) holding their prized NAHS banner.

The NAHS does tons of creative community activities throughout the year, like the Dogwood Arts Festival, The Chalk-Walk, school campaigns, galleries, and other local artist events. There are also leadership opportunities in NAHS, including officer positions like President and Vice President. The meeting on Oct. 6 will discuss campaigns and elections for these positions in more detail.

Previous NAHS members participating in the Chalk-Walk event in Downtown Knoxville

A special addition for upperclassmen; maintaining members of the NAHS who graduate with 15 hours of service earn a colorful cord for graduation to show their commitment.

CHS students looking for an opportunity to showcase their art skills and become more involved in Knoxville´s art community are welcome in NAHS and can pick up their applications in room 224 and 225 or attend an upcoming meeting.

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