Ray of Sunshine: Mrs. Lay


Mrs. Lay may be new to Bobcat Country, but she plans to make a splash. Despite COVID’s lingering presence, she sets high goals and ambitions for the Central Chorus Department.

Mrs. Lay plans to sing safely and grow the program. For her, choir is a great way to make friends, and memories. She wants to recruit people who will love it and build people’s love for music. Some dream goals for the program are: a Men’s choir, acapella choir, and more performing. 

Her passion for music and teaching makes being a choir director a perfect fit. Students describe Mrs. Lay as a charismatic, caring, hard working teacher. She attended Maryville College for music and has also been a part of choir her whole life. Some other passions outside of music are reading and spending time outdoors. Her favorite author is Philippa Gregory.

Not only does she work with kids all day, but has two of her own: 13 year old daughter Ruthie, and three year old son Atticus. She also tied the knot with her husband Roman four years ago. He teaches English at Alcoa High School. They met in the Maryville College Acapella Choir.

She teaches three classes. Music history: in this class you learn who wrote music, what influenced the music, artists’ lives, and music through time. Vocal music one: you learn basic singing skills and group singing skills. Bobcat Company: audition advanced choir.

Mrs.Lay with her family.

Mrs. Lay and her students have been hard at work! Things you can look forward to in the upcoming year are: first concert October 28, Night of the Arts in December and in the spring… High School Musical!

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