Isabella Deer ̈The outgoing writer ̈.

Isabella is an outgoing girl that loves spending her time writing and reading books. She enjoys listening to rock and alternative while she works on new stories and books to start writing.

Isabella is really smart and outgoing and she loves reading and writing stories. Isabella has had many struggles but overcomes every single challenge with her head up. Isabella is an outgoing girl that loves spending her time writing and reading books.

Isabella loves to be called izzy and she loves writing books for her family and others to read in her downtime. Isabella greatly enjoys traveling to Mississippi and visiting her family in the warm humid climate down south. She loves enjoying rock music and although she gets anxious around people like she’s stuck in her own head she overcomes that and works hard.  It has made her super smart and a great writer. She has a booming personality and a radiant smile making her a great friend and a really great writer.

Isabella´s dream is to one day become a well known writer in the reading community so she can inspire other kids and people like authors inspired her. She loves it with a passion and spends hours and hours reading new books and writing them everyday. ¨Writing makes me feel safe and blocks out the problems or the outside world, and helps me escape into my mind and out of reality¨. She stated, She is a smart and outgoing writer and reader with a lot of brain and willpower. Will and faith are what powers her and no matter what she will achieve her goal.

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