Central High School Girls Soccer Team

Central High School girls soccer team is hardworking and smart.

The CHS girls soccer team are hard at work practicing for their upcoming games. They have school and soccer to look forward to and they’re gonna keep their head in the game and focus on what needs to be done. They need our encouragement and support for the upcoming games so get ready to support our Lady Bobcat Soccer players.

The coach works hard to keep the players focused and in line for their upcoming games. They work mentally and physically prepare them for what’s to come next. On the field and in the school the coach gets the job done.

When talking to one of the CHS girl’s soccer players she talks about how the team has been doing good so far in the season. She initially described the team as more of a family and that they are all nice to one another. Her initial response to the question of “what is their practice like” she said “It’s laid back” and “It’s not taken so seriously”.

The interview continues and she talks about how they film the games so if they lose they look at that and use it to improve for the next game. She continues on in the interview about how the unit one focus that they have as a team are to “have fun” and she describes the team as confident. She talks about that whenever somebody makes a goal “the momentum is high”.

While in the interview when asked what her main motivations for doing soccer were she says “I’ve done it for a long time”, and she continues to say “I get happiness from it.”

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