Myles Holloway.

Myles is a very mature teen; he focuses on himself. You would never see Myles down, or being angry. He has a lot of sympathy towards people. He’s not ever social unless he’s talked to. 

Myles is from Atlanta,“ It’s very Homing” he states. When he first moved down to Knoxville in 2nd grade, it wasn’t very life changing. He enjoyed making new friends at his new schools. He travels a lot. He went to the Bahamas, and Hawaii and he says the water is very clear and pretty. 

Myles started working at a car wash when he was 15 years old, going on 3 years ago. He’s a very hard worker when needed. He’s very caring about his money and himself. He says “the only reason I work is to keep myself together, I’m getting older.” 

When asked, “ Myles, what is the worst thing about being a kid?” he said “getting closer to being a man.” He’s very independent in his own words. He’s very into music. He likes Lil Baby, because of his hometown. Lil baby is his Hometown Artist.

Myles ran track for Central High School, he ran the 100, 200, 4×1 and 4×2. He takes track the way Lebron James takes basketball. He likes lebron james due to his attitude, very humble, competitive, and stuck up. 

Myles favorite food is pizza, because it’s good and easy to make in his words. His favorite pizza is pepperoni, and his favorite place to get pizza Blaze pizza. 

Myles likes school, he has attended school for all 12 years, but only has attended school 10 years in Knoxville. His favorite subject in school is math, it’s very easy for him and he likes dealing with numbers. 

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