Emily’s Art Work

Emily Corum is someone that enjoys drawing. Ever since they were little they always thought of drawing as a fun activity to do and a good way for passing the time considering how impatient they were.

Emily started drawing when they were young, maybe around the age of 7-8 or so, when they were younger they never really thought much of it, just as a fun hobby to have, but now, they see it as a potential upcoming career option. Art has always been their passion, seeing as how they always preferred drawing out of most things, reading? No, playing? No, in fact as a kid, for Emily, art was playing. Their art only started getting serious when they were in 6th or 7th grade, in 6th grade they took a year long break from art because of how much stress it was giving them, in 7th they finally picked it back up, but realized they lost all of their skill, seeing that they didn’t have much to begin with, they decided to start exploring new options, they dived into different ways to create art, with different materials like, collages, animation, painting, watercolor, graphite. 

When Emily looks at their future now they want to start going into more and more classes that will get them a good art career. They hope to become animators for different games, creating cut scenes, character designs and game layouts. Art can get stressful for them, seeing as how it can get mentally tiring to not be able to do something you really want to, like drawing a certain shape or getting the right shade of yellow, so they always take breaks before they have a breakdown and go down too hard on themselves.

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