Creative with a kind heart

Ms. Bendy

Ms. Bendy is one of the new Fine Arts teachers this year at Central. It’s her first year teaching and she hopes to help her students love art like she does.

Not only does Ms. Bendy try to inspire young artists, she is also an accomplished artist herself. One unique thing about her is that she is both a ceramic artist and a painter. While she originally planned to work as an artist, she was inspired by her high school art teacher to become a teacher herself.

All her life, Ms. Bendy has been interested in art. She first started to enjoy it when she was about three years old. She has many goals for the future that she hopes to accomplish. For example, she wants to have her own personal studio to do work on her artwork in the future. She also wants to travel to other places and move somewhere else.

Art by Ms. Bendy

Ms. Bendy has a positive effect on others when she is around. One of her students said, “she is very nice and good at art. She has great teaching skills as well.” She not only puts a smile on her students’ faces, but she also has a positive impact on her co-workers. Central’s other new art teacher, Ms. Burchett, said “When I first announced that I was moving from my former school to Central, I had several art teacher friends who excitedly reached out to tell me that they knew Ms. Bendy had gotten the other open position and how wonderful she was.  So I was excited to work with her even before I met her. I’ve worked at schools where I was the only art teacher and I would much rather have a teammate to work with.” Ms. Burchett also loves how Ms. Bendy always reminds her about meetings and even shares silly memes. 

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