The best things favored by Mjay.

Mjay loves track, traveling, and many other topics. Her taste is top notch. A closer look reveals a passionate and friendly person.

Track is a special sport to Mjay. She loves to run when she has a chance. Sha’carri Richardson is her favorite athlete. She loves how passionate and confident she is about her lifestyle and career. Sha’carri was an olympics runner until she got in some trouble. She stated that Richardson had failed a drug test and couldn’t compete in the 100 meter event.

Mjay’s favorite place to visit is Jacksonville, Florida. It’s an extremely nice place to visit and a lot to do. Exploring stores she’s never been to for shopping and new restaurants for food. She was younger when she went to Florida and can’t wait to return for another experience.

Nike is favored by Mjay when it comes to shoes. There are so many different types of colors and designs she likes. Has more selection than other types of brands. She hopes to be a Nike runner one day and be sponsored by them.

G Herbo is her preferred rapper that she likes the most. Likes how versatile he is and how he raps. She could listen to him anytime and anywhere of the day. Believes he is the “Voice” of hip-hop, which is the best. Her favorite song by him is “Wilt Chamberlain”.

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