Seizures won’t stop her!

Mikenzie Setzer is a sophomore at Central who suffers from Photosensitive epilepsy. Photosensitive epilepsy is a rare neurological condition where flashing lights and certain patterns can trigger seizures. At times it can be difficult to focus on school.

Seizures don’t stop her from having confidence

Mikenzie first started having seizures in mid to late 7th grade. She had no idea she had epilepsy. She had no idea what was causing them at first. After many doctor visits and many tests she finally had the answers she needed.

Sometimes it is hard for her to have a good home and school balance. She says “I put school above everything else.” However, with her epilepsy things can be difficult for her. Most of the time she suffers from headaches. She copes with this by trying to stay focused in class and taking medicine prescribed to her.

Her happiness showing even through the tough times she has

Mikenzie has definitely struggled with her condition , “I can´t do the things i used to do and that limits my fun and being myself.” She pushes through by focusing on her classes, and talking to friends and family. She tries her best to succeed at everything. The biggest thing she stresses about is having a better future for herself and her family. She wishes to continue learning and become a doctor in the future.

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