Nathalie’s Normal is different from most

When asked what animal they want, most children say dogs, cats, or maybe fish. Nathalie was different. She wanted birds. A year ago, she started off with two birds, but her love for them grew and now she has eight.
Mikey Nathalie
Natalie has 6 cockatiels and 2 parakeets. She got her birds in Miami at a pet shop. Her mom hates the birds because they are so loud. Her dad on the other hand loves them, he loves all animals.

While having birds is fun, it is also a lot of hard work and responsibility. She has to clean up their poop, and make sure they have been fed. One aspect that most wouldn’t guess is that she has to let them fly around the house.

Even though the birds are a lot of work they all have their own personalities and things they like to do. For example Mykie likes to play with little red balls. Nathalie taught him how to play fetch around the house.

These birds also have love interests. Mykie has a girlfriend named Princess. They have been together for about a year now. They ended up having 11 babies, sadly Nathalie had to sell all of them, but she got money from them.Snowy is also dating Luna and Luna is pregnant right now, and Rosie’s dating Allie. They haven’t had kids yet but they are trying.

Nathalie is a freshman this year and so far she likes Central. She is 14 years old. On October 17th she turns
She was originally from Cuba; she moved to Altlanta when she was 6 and then moved here when she was 7.

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