Nadia Williams: Artist and Editor

Nadia Williams is the type of senior everyone aspires to be. She’s kind, ambitious, and, on top of it all, a very talented artist.

Nadia is good at what she does. When it comes to art, she has a specific type she likes to stick to. “(I use) mostly traditional mediums,” she says “Technology is not my forte. I really like to draw, paint, and experiment with that.”

One of Nadia’s pieces of artwork

Her great-grandmother encouraged these art skills in Nadia from a young age. “My great-grandma was really supportive of doing art when I was little. Every time I’d go to her house, she’d have a paper for me and let me doodle for hours. She’d teach me how to draw things and help me run with it. She encouraged me to get better.”

Another of Nadia’s pieces of artwork

Outside of her artistic endeavors, Nadia has a lot on her plate. She has a part-time job and a number of causes she feels strongly about. These are causes such as civil rights, LGBTQIA+ rights and “general disability rights,” she says. She likes to listen to music, watch classic Cartoon Network, and play with her cats, dogs, and turtles. 

When asked something about herself that most people don’t realize, Nadia admits, “I’m 100% not as put-together as people think I am. It’s really hard to juggle everything that I do. A lot of people think I’ve got it easy, and I don’t.” A good reminder to look past the surface.

A photo of Nadia

Nadia is also the editor of the school newspaper. The students in the journalism class know Nadia as someone polite and cheerful they can turn to in need of a helping hand. Nadia is the type of person everyone wants to be, and she is going to take the school newspaper to incredible places this semester.

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