Make Millions Save Millions: Ronnivea Wilson

While many young people would struggle to name their dream job, Ronnivea gives a quick answer. She plans to go to school for business and cosmetology. Ultimately, she aspires to create her own business empire.

For a few years now, Ronnivea knew she wanted to pursue cosmetology. It brings her happiness and is something she loves, it inspires her creativity and confidence. She was inspired by Rihanna’s makeup line Fenty Beauty, because there’s not enough makeup that is created for African Americans. Rihanna inspires her to produce diverse makeup that anyone will be able to use.

Pictured on the left: Ronnivea Wilson

She is currently working on her first businesses called lipswithlashes, where she will sell lashes and lip gloss. Her instagram is @lipswithlashes. She has been creating her business for a year. Her sister’s business has inspired her to create one of her own. She also wants to create a jean line in the future that has a variety of different sizes and styles.

She has aspirations to make a successful business in hopes to become a millionaire. If she had a million dollars, she would save ¼, spend ¼, family ¼, and business ¼. If she was president, she would put programs in place to help the homeless, and make more programs that help minorities.

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