Lilly, Not Lillian

Through the trials and triumphs of high school, sophomore Lilly Ogle has maintained the independent and unbothered personality she’s known for. Through everything, she’s learned to remain indifferent under pressure. 

High school comes easy to Ogle, she likes getting to go through life without worry. She says she hasn’t had a defining moment in her life, yet she doesn’t seem to mind, saying she’s “just waiting for that, kind of, ‘awakening’.” Until that happens Lilly says she’s just glad to have her mom by her side every step of the way. 

Lilly is thought highly of by her peers due to her approachable and down-to-earth nature. Her love for spending time with her friends and family shows through in her caring demeanor and willingness to help. According to her teammate, Alexa Rodriguez, Ogle is, “Really funny, it’s always fun to practice with her, especially since she’s so easy to talk to.” She said Lilly is always proudly cheering on her teammates. 

Lilly’s soccer career began when she was 11 years old and has continued ever since. Recently she tore tendons throughout her knee. When asked, said it was the “worst pain I’ve ever been in…I’d rather be shot anywhere in my body; it was horrible.”  She’s now back in black (and red!) playing defense for the Lady Bobcats a year later. 

Lilly with her soccer team (pictured left). Lilly outside (pictured right).

It may have been falling asleep under the stars that sparked her love for travel, or maybe the fresh mountain air, but either way Lilly’s been in love with the experience ever since. She has seen over 40 states in the US; one of her first and favorite trips was to Colorado and Utah. There she found a picnic table a little too comfortable and took a nap with the night sky as her blanket. 

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