Kendra the Kick-boxer

Kendra plans to be in the army; she started pursuing this dream at a young age at her school’s JROTC. She always looked up to the people in the army because they put their lives on the line.


Kendra grew up and lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, and is a sophomore at Central. Kendra seems to be a family oriented person; she says one of her favorite things to do is spend time with her family, especially her little sister Kaleena. The person she looks up to the most is her grandmother. Once her or someone else starts laughing, it never ends, which just shows she is a fun and silly person to be around.

After school, you might be able to find Kendra at the Wheeler Academy, where she practices karate and kickboxing. She has been practicing karate for ten years and is a blue belt, and started kickboxing last year. Sticking with karate shows that Kendra is a person who devotes her time to doing the things she loves. Other times, you could find her participating in some of her other favorite after school activities which are youth group for church, and skating with friends. 

Last year, Kendra did online school in the main hit of the pandemic. She enjoyed online, and says it was easier for her to focus and get things done. Since she has been back to school, she says being social is one of the harder parts because she wasn’t around people for so long. It’s just remembering how to talk to people and carry a conversation. She says she likes them about the same but they are very different. 

This was taken on the way to karate after getting snow cones.

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