How Kate is prioritizing her future career while juggling the life of being a teen

The mental health of youth has become a new topic ready for discussion. While most of us experience mental health issues, the stigma surrounding them is immense — especially when discussing the topic surrounding youth.

Kate babysitting her favorite baby niece, Landry.

What is teen life like nowadays? For Kate it’s pretty simple. When she’s not working at Cracker Barrel you can find her at school or relaxing at home. She likes traveling and has visited Mexico, the Bahamas, and Florida.

Anxiety is something that affects kate. She’s known to keep to herself about certain things and that is part of the reason, she doesn’t let this stop her though.  

Kate wishes people knew she’s not mean or rude because she tends to keep to herself because of the mental state that anxiety keeps you in. The stigma surrounding it much of the time prevents that conversation though. 

Social life isn’t a big must for Kate, because she knows her future career is something important to focus on. When thinking of the future, she thinks of one where she’s teaching, finished schooling and participating in the schooling of others. 

She wants to be a teacher, working not only as so but as a friend and companion to kids she teaches. She’s taken inspiration for teaching styles from teachers growing up, including Mrs. McManus from Gresham Middle School, who treated her equally like a friend and a student, which she admired. 

Kate getting her nieces ready for bed.

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