God, Social Media, and Friendship: The Inside Perspective of Bri Blalock

Social butterfly, Bri Blalock loves to talk. When she is not talking with her friends in person or on Snapchat, she is on her phone scrolling through Tiktok or watching Netflix.

Waiting at the bus stop

Some people who don’t know Bri may think she is weird, extra, or annoying because of how she acts online or in school. In reality, she is just an outgoing person who enjoys making friends. Her friendships with others help to balance out her life, whether she is in school, at home, or at the mall shopping with friends she is always in the best mood around the people close to her.

Blalock is not only outgoing but also a social media fanatic. From Tiktok to Snapchat to Instagram, she loves it all. When she is not on her phone, she is watching tv, more specifically Netflix. Her favorite shows right now are Riverdale, Stranger Things, and Chicago Med. She also really likes the actress Reese Witherspoon because of her acting in Legally Blonde. Bri is also interested in roller skating; she goes to Skatetown twice a week for fun.

Messing with filters on Snapchat

Bri is also very passionate about her religion. She goes to Wallace Baptist Church on Sundays and Wednesdays. She also accepts prayer requests to try and help people who need it the most. Her compassion doesn’t just show through her religion but also her goals. Currently, she plans on starting her own babysitting business, and in the future, she hopes to be a nurse or a doctor. When it comes to interests, goals, and personality, Bri does not fall short.

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