Dark,Casual and anti-social: Life gets the best of Hannah Bergman

Morning Deck Selfie

Hannah may in her words be socially inept, but she knows her way around music and television. She loves her guinea pigs and her grandma. Hannah is a quiet and casual person who doesn’t talk to very many people.

Hannah has lived Knoxville her whole life and hasn´t even moved to a different house. She is very passionate about LGBTQIA+ rights, civil rights and equality, and creating safe spaces for all people.

Hannah at 2 years old singing into a toy microphone

Though she isn’t involved in any outside activities, inside she is very active. She likes to listen to music, scroll on Tiktok, watch tv, and play with her guinea pigs Bubbles and Buttercup. She likes to watch Mamma Mia, Shameless, and Stranger Things. Her favorite actors are Cole Sprouse, Cameron Monaghan, and Florence Pugh.

She really likes Asian Food, her favorite dish is Pho.

According to Spotify, she likes to listen to Kpop, Pop, Dance Pop, and Electro Pop. Hannah’s clothing of choice is casual and dark toned. Even if Hannah had the choice to wear bright colored clothing, she wouldn´t. Hannah likes to spend time with her grandmother because she has always been there to support her through anything.

Bubbles and Buttercup lounging on a bed

Hannah has been shamed for her appearance a lot, mostly by relatives. This led to social anxiety, so it can be very difficult for her to be around people. She doesn’t make friends easily, so even if she wanted to talk to people she can’t. It can be very lonely. One time she was so anxious in Target that she ran away from an employee who simply was just walking up to her and frightened her with the attention. 

Hannah at school is a completely different person then at home. At school Hannah likes to be by herself and not really talk to anyone, but with her grandmother Hannah is very bright and fun. 

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