Central footballs plan to dominate

After two years at the top of its game, Central’s football program looks for new paths to success. Junior running back and defensive end Nathan Weatherspoon is helping to forge those new pathways for himself and his team this season.
Growing up playing sports Nathan Weatherspoon gives us his input on what the team can improve on, “I think we just need to go out there and do our best. We need to be better at communicating as a team on the field.” When asked what would you rate your teams performance he said, “ About 70% because we need to communicate more on the field” 

Nathan says before preparing for a game he gives himself about an hour to get his thoughts gathered
together. He also says over the 3 years of him playing he has gotten more skilled in his positions and has gotten a lot stronger. He also says he wants to tell his supporters, “I appreciate what they do for me”. 

After Central’s last loss Nathan was asked what went wrong. He says The other team wasn’t that good. We just lost because of mistakes that shouldn’t have been made. He says we need to work better on our offense. 
Central Football

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